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How to Stay Cool in Hot Bandeau Swimwear

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2016 to Tips and Advice
If you’re a beach diva like we know you are, you’ll be spending your days off in the sand, sporting one of our designer bandeau bikinis. When you are headed to the sand and the waves, you have one thing in mind: relaxation. Have you ever been so excited to go that you packed a bag and forgot some of the really important things? has made a list of the most important things you will need when heading to the beach so you never leave home without the necessities again!

  • Sunscreen: Wear it to the beach, bring it with you to the beach, and reapply when you get there. The importance of sunscreen is high and especially if you plan on spending the whole day on the sand. Plus, you will radiate sexy, confidence and happiness in your bandeau swimwear knowing that you’re protecting yourself from the sun’s harmful rays!

  • Water: Being a gorgeous beach babe is hard work and sometimes distracting. You can forget to hydrate your self throughout the day, which is extremely important when staying in the sun in bandeau swimwear. Most beaches allow you to bring a sealed water bottle with you, so bring something large. If the beach patrol lets you, bring a reusable water bottle that you can continually refill throughout the day.

  • Chapstick: It’s a must. Whether we think about it or not, our lips are sensitive and often exposed to the sun without protection. When you are lying out in the hot, hot heat, remember your lip sunscreen so you don’t regret it later. Most chapsticks that are manufacturer do have some sort of SPF protection, so make sure to read your labels before you purchase!

  • A good read: Who doesn’t thoroughly love enjoying a book on the sand while enjoy looking awesome in bandeau swimwear? Bring a good book for you to read while you stick your toes in the sand. If you’re not finding a good book to read, sit down with your favorite trashy magazine and get all the gossip you’ve been craving!
So when you’re headed out in your hot bandeau swimwear and have packed your bag, double check for these essential beach items so you won’t be sorry later!

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