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Bikinis 2017: All Body Types Please Apply

Posted by Laura on 6/30/2016 to Tips and Advice
Bikini shopping: some women dread this and some women love it. It’s a right of passage that usually happens once a year and usually ends in someone being upset or unhappy with what they bought. Why not make it easy on yourself and pick a swimsuit style that makes you feel like the beach diva you know you are? has picked out the high fashion bikinis for 2017 season that make this year’s top style lists, as well as give your specific body type, that sexy, fun and flirty look you’re looking for!

Small bust size: Sometimes, bikini shopping can be the worst for those who feel like they lack in the upper-half of their body. Unfortunately they may be choosing a bikini top that is wrong for them.

    • Bikini tops: halter, tube top, and skinny strap are all perfect for those with a small bust size. The collections for 2017 swim season are styled to come with fun embellishments, such as fringe, ruffles, or rouching. These cute ways to wear a bikini can be the perfect way to add some extra dimension to your top half and make you feel comfortable in your swimwear.
    • Push up tops: a top with push up works great for women with small busts. These style tops have underwire for support, the cups are molded for giving the bust a nice contoured shape, and the inner push up lift the bust to give it a nice bust. In general, push up tops add a size or two to the bust, however, not all push up tops have the same amount of push up.

Curvy with a small belly: Not a huge fan of the one-piece but not so sure about your mid-section? Tankinis are your go-to suit. Tankinis are the perfect way to cover up that midsection you’re self-conscious about, but still show off some skin. Finding a tankini top with draw strings on the sides can make it adjustable for you; gathering them up with you’d like it tighter or loosening the strings for a free-flowing top.

Larger bottom: If you have it, why not love it? Women with larger bottoms tend to stray from bikinis with minimal coverage. However, many bikinis are designed as boy shorts or bottoms with rings, making it easier for women with a larger bottom half to feel sexy and comfortable! Don't make the mistake to think that more coverage hides more! The more fabric you have in the rear, the larger the bottom will look. There are great ways to mask the larger bottom. You can wear a solid colored bottom with a busy print top. This draws attention to the busy print top. You can also try the string tie bikinis. Because the string tie has very little fabric on the hips and the fabric is concentrated in the front and back, your larger bottom will actually look smaller.

Busty: Top heavy? Choose a two piece that will give you the support you need. Perhaps picking a bathing suit top with underwire or one with a wider strap to give you extra support. This extra support will help you feel sexy, confident, and flirty in the sand!

    • If you want to give the impression of a small top, you could choose a solid colored top and busy print bottom. The eyes are usually drawn to the busy prints.
    • Halter style tops work good for women with larger tops. However, look for halter tops with wide under bust bands as these style tops also offer the support women need when wearing a swim top.

Whatever body type you have, always think of what you want to accomplish with your swim look and choose that perfect suit that does just that! You are a beach diva that exudes confidence when wearing appropriate swimwear styles for your body type.

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