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Swimsuit Style Tips - What Swimwear Style Works For You

Posted by Rachel on 4/5/2015 to Tips and Advice
Find the swimsuit style that works for you. When having to choose from so many swimwear styles, choosing the most flattering swimsuit style can be a challenge. To help you find the style that would work best for you, we have compiled a list of questions and answers.

Understanding Swimsuit Bra Tops - Molded Push Up Underwire

Posted by Rachel on 4/2/2015 to Tips and Advice
Understanding Swimsuit Bra Tops Long ago the swimsuit top was a simple triangle or halter top without padding or removable pads. Times have changed, but you are still able to find swimsuit tops with those characteristics, but their popularity has decreased tremendously. Women are now expecting padding or removable pads even in the most basic swim top, and their wishes have been heard. Not only are women swimsuit tops evolving, but there are many more options in terms of swimsuit top styles. Bra top swimsuits combine the support and comfort of a bra with the functionality of a swimsuit. Lingerie inspired bras are ideal for women looking for bust support, large breasted women, and women who have undergone mastectomy. Women can now enjoy the same support and shape in a swimsuit bra top as they can in their lingerie bras. From underwire tops, to padding and cups, push up tops, this guide will cover everything you need to know before choosing a swimsuit bra top that best suits your needs

Why You Want To Shop Designer Monokinis

Posted by Laura on 4/2/2015 to Tips and Advice

You’re looking for something trendy, eye-catching, and fits your body exactly the way you want it to. You’re looking for something that will cover you up, but also let you get some sun if you so wish. Fortunately, we have exactly what you’re looking for: a monokini.

Swimwear For Every Fashionista

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
Swimwear For Every Fashionista
Be ready to sizzle in style with the freshest fashions from designer swimwear line will have you dressed for any exotic locale or local bathing spot, so your sunny look shines with the brightest fashions, from boardwalk dresses to sun worthy two piece swim suits.

Elite Fashion Swimwear Coupon Codes - Discounts & Sales

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
Free standard shipping over $100 applies to USA (domestic) orders. FREE SHIPPING POLICY Free shipping and handling is valid on orders only totaling $100.00 or more after valid discounts or promo codes are applied. If merchandise is returned and items kept do not total more than the minimum of $100.00, the original shipping fees incurred with shipping the merchandise to the customer will be deducted from the value of the refund. A $10.00 or actual shipping costs if greater than $10.00 is deducted from the return value if the total value of items kept falls under the $100 minimum order value. There is no such thing as free shipping. Our company pays the shipping carrier to have the packages delivered to customers. We absorb this fee if the customer keeps an order in value of at least $100.

Give Your Swimwear Look A Makeover On A Budget

Posted by Laura on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
Shopping for swimwear can be overwhelming, but when you shop for swimwear on a budget, things just get a tad more complicated. We all see great swimwear styles that we love, but unfortunately we cannot afford. To help you achieve your swimwear makeover, we have compiled a list of helpful money saving tips when shopping on a budget.

Choosing the Perfect One Piece Swimwear

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
Trying to find the perfect bathing suit for your body type can be frustrating. With the selection here at Elite Fashion Swimwear, there’s so much to choose from—how do you know what’s right for you? When you look through our selection of one piece swimwear, you’re sure to find something that matches your personality and style—and keeps you looking your best poolside this summer. You don’t have to worry about whether you’ve gone up a size or two when you’re shopping for one piece swimwear. These styles are designed to help you accentuate the positive and minimize the negative. You can hit the beach with confidence in any of these great one piece swimwear choices.

Retro Style Swimsuits - Fashion Trend

Posted by Laura on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
If you’ve opened up a fashion magazine or looked at a catwalk recently, it’s easy to see that retro fashion and style is all the rage right now. Women everywhere are recreating old styles and updating them for today’s world. That’s where our retro style swimsuits come into play. We have a wide selection of retro style swimsuits to choose from—and you can build your retro summertime look around these classic pieces. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the retro pool or you’re looking for something new, you want to make sure that you’re tying the entire look together the right way. Here are some of our favorite style tips to go along with the perfect retro style swimsuits.

How to Rock Fringe Swimsuits, Tops & More -

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
What’s this summer’s hottest trend? Fringe! It’s everywhere: from your bikini to your purse. It has been spotted on multiple celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Ashley Tisdale. Maybe you’re not a fan of swimsuits with fringe and want to still sport it in some way or shape. has put together some great tips on how to piece together the perfect fringe outfit and feel great in it!
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