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Our Top Picks for Fringe Bikinis

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2016 to Tips and Advice
Want to look trendy, sexy and fun when you hit the shore this summer? Not only do we have all the best in designer swimwear, but we have the hottest looks of the 2016 swimwear season. We also have the hottest look for you: fringe bikinis. Not only has fringe come back into style, but it is making its way into women’s swimwear. At, we have all the greatest and latest in hot, trendy women’s swimwear and all the best in bikinis with fringe details. We've highlighted some of our favorite styles for you to check out:

How to Stay Cool in Hot Bandeau Swimwear

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2016 to Tips and Advice
If you’re a beach diva like we know you are, you’ll be spending your days off in the sand, sporting one of our designer bandeau bikinis. When you are headed to the sand and the waves, you have one thing in mind: relaxation. Have you ever been so excited to go that you packed a bag and forgot some of the really important things?
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