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Color Blocking Bikinis

Posted by on 11/9/2015 to Tips and Advice
Color Blocking Bikinis

If you’ve been happily rockin’ the colorblocking trend since it hit last year, or it’s been a favorite way to make a bold, bright impact as long as you can remember, there’s no need to leave the powerful pops of complementary hues behind when you hit the pool or beach. With seriously saturated shades of coral, green, blue and beyond in our designer collection of mix ‘n match bikinis, you can be sure onlookers will be blocking out some time in their schedule to admire you!

Not sure what colorblocking is, or just not sure how to do it right? Simply put, colorblocking in fashion involves taking two or more boldly-colored garments or accessories and wearing them together for a crisp, bright impact. Occasionally, you will find single garments or accessories with the colorblocking already built in, such as a bright purple purse with a Kelly Green flap. The distinction between the colors is impossible to ignore, and the lines between the two shades are typically very clean and defined. As such, you are more likely to see this trend on a structured bag than a slouchy hobo, or on a tailored party dress as opposed to a casual tee. The more clear the definition between the two pieces, the cooler and chicer it looks! As for doing it right? Luckily, it’s harder to do it wrong. Unlike many trends, colorblocking is simple. And perhaps simplest as it applies to bikinis!

neo block bandeau

The most important factor to consider when choosing a bikini is the style, whether you like triangle tops and hipster bottoms or bandeaus and tie-side bottoms. Once you’ve found the styles that suit you, consider the color options. Want to keep your colorblocking close to the same color family? Browse our full selection of mix and match swimwear to see what catches your colorblocking eye!

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