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Designer Monokinis Let you Express yourself at the Beach this Summer

Posted by Rachel on 7/1/2016 to Tips and Advice

Back in the 1960s a wonderful new type of bathing suit was born. Designer monokinis (also known as unikinis or trikinis) back then looked extremely different than they do today. In fact, the original monokinis were much more risqué than the ones you’ll find at Elite Fashion Swimwear now. Let’s take a look at some of the history of this fun bathing suit!

A brief history of the monokini
The monokini was first designed by Rudi Gernereich, an Austrian-American designer. The prototype design first premiered in Look magazine back in 1963. Back then, monokinis had no fabric over the bust area. They were simply two halter straps that hooked into a bikini bottom. Unsurprisingly, this scanty style caused a bit of an uproar. Many fashion designers disliked it, and other officials found it offensive. But despite all that, thousands of monokinis sold during its first summer on the market. And that’s why the fashion world allowed this style to flourish and blossom into the style you see today.

Monokini style swimsuits have become more and more popular as the years have gone by. You’re sure to see many monokinis out on the beach this summer. Our designer monokinis are a bit more covered up than their risqué predecessors—but they’re just as sexy! Choose from monokinis in a variety of colors and styles here at Elite Fashion Swimwear.

Many celebrities these days enjoy wearing designer monokinis, as well. This just speaks to the longevity of this once-taboo type of bathing suit. We’ve seen these styles on the likes of Giselle Bundchen, Britney Spears, and Jessica Alba. By wearing a cut out swimsuit yourself, you just might get mistaken for a budding starlet!

Tips for wearing stylish monokinis
While today’s monokinis provide more coverage than the original style, there are still a few things you should take into consideration when you’re choosing one of these stylish swimsuits. They look best on women with hourglass shapes—as the cutouts in the sides really lend themselves to feminine curves. But the best thing you can wear with monokinis is confidence! If you feel like you look fabulous, then the world will see that shining through. Nothing looks better than a woman expressing her self confidence through the outfits it wears. Let it shine outward. You look great, you've worked hard for your body, you have outstanding it all off with confidence. An outfit is nothing without the soul of the wearer. If you're happy inside, any outfit will look good on you. Designers make the clothes, but YOU are the one who makes the clothes look fabulous!

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