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Designer Swimwear Trends 2016

Posted by Katie on 9/15/2015 to News
Designer Swimwear Trends 2016

Women’s designer swimwear has seen some major transformations from the earlier bulky and cover all designs. From skimpy teeny bikinis to one piece and eye catching monokinis, today’s swimwear is in essence all about being sexy and showing the world your sexy body. Women’s designer swimwear today is all about chic and flattering bikinis, suits, coverups and accessories.

Women’s designer swimwear – Some popular trends for 2016 swimwear season

  • Designer string bikinis with Brazilian cut bottoms.
  • Bandeau tops with twists and with or without neck straps.
  • Monokinis in eye catching colors.
  • Two piece or one piece swimwear adorned with expensive Swarovski crystals or embellished with beads and pearls
  • Tankinis which bring together tank tops and bikini bottoms. A perfect women’s designer swimwear piece for the shy divas!

For 2016 swimwear season we're noticing some trends fostered around luxury premium fabrics coupled with simple styles, like sleek one pieces. Still hot on the runway are photo prints, high-waisted bottoms and tribal prints, while the emerging trends focus on fluttering tops, jewelry worked into swimwear, and paneled bottoms.

Paneled swimwear - an emerging trend where you'll see lots of front and side panels worked into the silhouettes. Ranging from mesh to crochet panels, these inserts break the visual display by adding more texture to the suit.


High Waisted Swimwear - This season, the retro inspired suit has been updated with sheer panels, cut outs, straps, and different prints.


Orange is the new black - this season you'll see lots of orange swimsuits in many different shades.



Cut Outs - indeed "less is more" is the mentality behind strategically placed cutouts.


Floral prints - when are floral prints not in season really?


Crop tops - this trend emerged last year and this year has really taken off.


With so many styles to choose from, you'll find yourself in a crunch trying to contain yourself to only buy one new swimsuit.

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