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How to Rock Fringe Swimsuits, Tops & More -

Posted by Rachel on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
What’s this summer’s hottest trend? Fringe! It’s everywhere: from your bikini to your purse. It has been spotted on multiple celebrities, including Lindsay Lohan, Kim Kardashian, and Ashley Tisdale. Maybe you’re not a fan of swimsuits with fringe and want to still sport it in some way or shape. has put together some great tips on how to piece together the perfect fringe outfit and feel great in it!

The fringe-tastic bag: What girl doesn’t love a fun and flirty bag that they can easily take with them when they head out to the club, the bar, or wear to the beach? A small, cross-body fringe purse is the perfect amount of flare. This sweet looking trend can make any outfit look and feel bohemian!

Rings on her finger and fringe on her shoes: Flip flops are a must during the summer season. Why not add some fringe on them to keep them in style and fun? Many gladiator sandals this summer season have been adorned with fringe flare on the front, side and back on the shoes. Add these sexy slip-ons to your look and have a vintage looking outfit in no time!

All you need is a crop top: The half shirt is making its way back into summer fashion and fringe is a common thread when it comes to this revealing trend. Once a trend in the 80’s, fringe is back on top with it being an accent for many crop t-shirts and tanks. Your fringe crop top will definitely turn some heads at the beach this summer!

Jewelry is the best accessory: Maybe you don’t have any fringe clothing, but fringe jewelry is just as easy to find. Chandelier earrings can be considered a fringe accessory and are a great way to elongate your neck. Add these dangly earrings and you have a smokin’ get up to hit the beach in!

So no matter how you pair it up or wear it, fringe is always a good choice.

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