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Jolidon Lingerie

Have a knock out look inside the bedroom with our line of fashion lingerie from designer Jolidon. Jolidon designer lingerie has been designed to appeal to women's most discerning tastes and needs. High quality Italian fabrics enriched with Swarovski jewelry are just some attributes that characterize the most refined and sophisticated lingerie garments featured in the Jolidon lingerie Line.

Jolidon designers have taken the same skilled knowledge that makes our swimwear line so sexy and taken it to create a seductive line of designer lingerie for any occasion. Our Swarovski teddies, corsets, and body suits are sensual, seductive, and provocative. Accentuate you bust with the ever simple white cotton bra from our comfort collection of designer lingerie for everyday wear that can be your little white secret. These fashions are just the thing for your special night, one of our bridal bras and corsets will show off your finest features on your wedding night as well!

Shop the selection of Jolidon lingerie for all of your fashion bras, corsets, teddies, as well as bridal bras and corsets, for the sultry styles to take his breath away.

Jolidon Sensual Teddy - On Sale

$119.00 $83.30
Jolidon Corset & Panty Set - On Sale

$134.00 $112.20
Jolidon Sensual Black Teddy - On Sale

$139.00 $98.00
Jolidon Sensual Pink Push-Up - On Sale

$94.00 $76.00
Jolidon Flower Teddy - On Sale

$107.00 $69.00
Jolidon Taupe Lingerie Set - On Sale

$83.00 $70.00
Jolidon Swarovski Push Up - On Sale

$88.00 $70.80
Jolidon Ivory Push Up Set - On Sale

$84.00 $67.00
Jolidon Fire Red Teddy - On Sale

$96.00 $76.80
Jolidon Luxury Blue Teddy - On Sale

$129.00 $97.00
Jolidon Sexy Push Up Bra - On Sale

$33.00 $28.00
Jolidon Pink Dream Panties - On Sale

$60.00 $33.35
Jolidon D DD Padded Bra - On Sale

$44.00 $39.00
Jolidon Gradual Push Up Bra - On Sale

$33.00 $28.00
Jolidon Balconette Body - On Sale

$78.00 $62.00
Lingerie Demi Bra Bolero - On Sale

$98.00 $83.00
Jolidon Push Up Corset - On Sale

$109.00 $87.20
Jolidon Beige Underwire Bra - On Sale

$69.00 $55.20
Jolidon Gel Push Up Bra - On Sale

$69.00 $55.20
Jolidon Push Up Bra - On Sale

$69.00 $55.20