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Swimsuit Style Tips - What Swimwear Style Works For You

Posted by Rachel on 4/5/2015 to Tips and Advice
Find the swimsuit style that works for you. When having to choose from so many swimwear styles, choosing the most flattering swimsuit style can be a challenge. To help you find the style that would work best for you, we have compiled a list of questions and answers.

Q: Which style is best if I have a small bust?

Do: If you want to accentuate your bust, a push-up style top would be your best option. Many swimsuits are now available with push-up tops and they usually come with extra removable pads that can be used to your discretion. You can add your own pads if you want an even more striking effect. Also, a connected bikini top ( also known as monokini) or a top with removable breast padding will achieve the result as it offers support and maximizes the effect you want to accomplish. In general, bikini tops with triangle or other shaped cups tend to create curves. A tie-front bikini top can be tightened to create subtle cleavage, as well.

You can also try the underwire swimsuits as many come with push up pads and they will make your bust appear larger.

Do Not: You will want to avoid bandeau-style bikini tops, adjustable bikini tops (any top where the cups are not connected) or tube-style swimsuits, as these styles tend to diminish curves.

Q: Which style will enhance curves if I have a boy shape?

Do: If you have a boy shape, look for a swimsuit with a high cut leg and a low, curve-enhancing neckline. Try to find a suit that gathers around the neckline; these gathers will make a boy shape seem much curvier.

Do Not: You will want to avoid dark-colored, tank-style swimsuits that draw attention away from the shape of your body.

Q: I have big bust, I need lot of support, but I still want to look fun and attractive?

Do: Look for a hidden underwire as it provides the best support, but it will also maximize the appearance of your breasts. Your other option is to look for a halter top. Halter style swimsuits, with their thick straps, will lift and support the weight of your breasts for a flattering look.

If you would like to minimize the appearance of your breasts, you should look into a bandeau-style top, an adjustable top, or a top with wide-set straps that will separate your breasts and make them appear smaller.

Do Not: Try to avoid connected triangle tops that do not offer the right amount of support or coverage for women with big breasts that obviously need a lot of support but who do not want to take away the fun and attractiveness of the swimsuit.

Q: What style of swimsuit would best complement my pear shape?

Do: There is a general rule when shopping for a swimsuit: the swimsuit will have to accentuate your positive characteristics and minimize your not so positives. For women with pear shapes, the best swimsuit is one with an eye-catching top in a pattern or bright color and darker colored bottom that draws attention away from hips and thighs. To accentuate the bust and upper body, try pairing a halter-style bikini or tankini top with a dark bottom with high cut legs.

Q: I have short torso and need a swimsuit that will help lengthening it?

To lengthen the torso and give the impression of length and litheness, try a bikini with a halter-style top to draw attention to the bust and shoulders. You will want to pair this top with a bikini bottom that sits low on the hips to expose as much skin as possible in the torso. Conversely, if you want to de-emphasize a long torso, try a suit with a high-cut leg. Bottoms with high-cut legs tend to lengthen the legs while bottoms that sit lower on the hips tend to lengthen the torso.

Q: How do I make my big thighs appear less obvious in my swimsuit?

A: To conceal your big thighs, you will need a swimsuit with a light-colored, attention-grabbing top and a dark-colored bottom. The lighter and more sophisticated top will draw eyes up and away from your thighs. In addition, always choose a bottom with high-cut legs. The high cut will lengthen the appearance of your legs and stop the swimsuit from cutting across an unflattering part of your body.
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