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Swimwear Separates - Mix 'n Match Swimsuits, Swimwear - Create Your Own Beach Look

Posted by Rachel on 11/23/2015 to Tips and Advice
Elite Fashion Swimwear’s designer selection of mix n match swimsuits allows you the opportunity to purchase your bikini top and bikini bottom separately. Now, you can easily and effectively create your own look while finding the perfect fit! With mix n match swimsuits you’ll never again have to sacrifice the dream bikini bottom for a must-have top or vice versa. You can have your bandeau and strappy bottom too when you customize a captivating bikini that suits your style and your size! If you're among the many creative ladies who want to have a hand in creating their ideal summer look, our mix n match swimwear selection is a designer dream come true. Simply choose the top of your choice – whether bandeau, bustier, halter or triangle – and pair it with the bikini bottom that you feel complements it best.

Need a large top and a small bottom, or a medium bottom and a small top? No worries! In our extensive lineup of mix and match Luli Fama swimsuits and L Space Swimsuits, choosing each piece separately allows you to create a custom look and order different sizes if needed. Afraid of making a match mistake – a mix up, if you will? Fret not, beachy fashionista! Monica Wise, the brains behind L Space swimsuits, designed her prints and solids, as well as the fabrics used within and between the lines, so the end consumer has the utmost power when it comes to creating their own beach look. The print lines can be easily matched with solids or seamless solids. The colors and fabrics used are the same, so you can confidently purchase L Space swimsuits separately knowing the top and bottom will be a captivating complement to one another. So go ahead – get creative. Have some fun with L Space, Seafolly and Luli Fama swimsuits, and soak up some sun while you’re at it!

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