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Mode City Paris Fashion Show Sensation, Jolidon Swimwear

Posted by Rachel on 6/1/2016 to News
Jolidon Group has participated at the Paris Fashion Show for the past 13 years along with other well known designer swimwear labels, such as Red Carter, Maaji Swimwear, OndadeMar, Playboy Swimwear, Rebecca Swimwear, and many other famous designer swimwear labels. From the dozens of swimsuits and lingerie items presented, the judges and other fashion forward people have chosen 10 Jolidon styles to set the trend for the spring summer 2016 season.

Rebecca Swimwear - Top European Swimsuit Brand

Posted by Laura on 10/26/2015 to News
Rebecca Swimwear - Top European Swimsuit Brand
We're ecstatic with the newest addition to our offerings of "haute couture" designer swimwear: the sizzling Rebecca Swimwear label! Known for distinctive designs infused with colorful prints, an eclectic color palette, and charming embellishments, Rebecca Swimwear, tunics, summer dresses, kaftans, and overall beachwear are vibrant, luxurious, and exude sexiness. The chic accents, exceptional fabrics, lively prints and sexy cuts from Rebecca Swimwear have been showcased in many international fashion magazines: Creations Lingerie in North America, Sous in Germany, Blint Espana in Spain, and Creations Lingerie France just to name a few. Rebecca Swimwear is a well known swimwear brand in Europe.

Sabz Luxury Swimwear 2016 - Top Styles

Posted by Kate on 10/12/2015 to News
Sabz Luxury Swimwear 2016 - Top Styles
SABZ has created another sizzling collection for 2016. Defining itself as one of the premier swimwear designers in the world, SABZ continues to surprise the world by creating ever beautiful swimsuits that will appeal to women of all ages and body shapes. With colorful prints and chic designs, SABZ swimsuits are perfect for any summer occasion. The 2016 swimsuits are full of color and will address the needs of any modern woman looking for luxury and at the same time comfort in her beachwear wardrobe. From sexy prints on swimsuits to beautiful cover ups and summer dresses, SABZ Luxury Swimwear will meet and exceed your needs. For these and many other SABZ Swimwear styles, make sure you check out Elite Fashion Swimwear, a women designer swimwear store.

Designer Swimwear Trends 2016

Posted by Katie on 9/15/2015 to News
Designer Swimwear Trends 2016
Women’s designer swimwear has seen some major transformations from the earlier bulky and cover all designs. From skimpy teeny bikinis to one piece and eye catching monokinis, today’s swimwear is in essence all about being sexy and showing the world your sexy body. Women’s designer swimwear today is all about chic and flattering bikinis, suits, coverups and accessories.

Swimwear 2015 - 2016 Trends - Mesh Panels

Posted by Rachel on 5/20/2015 to News
Swimwear 2015 - 2016 Trends - Mesh Panels
Bathing suits that are trendy, comfy, fresh, and affordable. Speaking of trendy, today we're focusing on a super sexy trend for swimwear 2015-2016: mesh panels. We've seen an emergence of mesh paneling starting with 2015 swim season, however, the trend is growing with many designers incorporating mesh paneling into their styles. Whether you'll see mesh panels horizontally, vertically, or just a few accents here and there, the mesh trend is coming in strong.

Mother's Day Special 2015

Posted by Kate on 5/8/2015 to News
Shopping for moms is no easy task and we want to make this experience as effortless and fulfilling as possible. Shop EliteFashionSwimwear for Mother's day gifts and save 10% off.

Elite Fashion Swimwear in the news. Press and announcements.

Posted by Rachel on 1/12/2015 to News
Elite Fashion Swimwear is honored to have been featured in Health Magazine and mentioned in many articles around the web. We want to thank to all of the people who have helped us become who we are today.

Caffe Swimwear in the Spotlight!

Posted by Rachel on 6/1/2014 to News
Stylish Escape with Caffe's Resort 2012 Collection Caffe Swimwear released it's 2012 swimwear initially at the Paris Fashion Week and then in USA at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week during the Miami Swimshow event. Caffe Swimwear focuses on luxury and resort like swimwear. The Caffe woman is cosmopolitan and has a distinctive sense of style. She is independent, culturally sophisticated and has a high purchasing power. She likes to travel, live well, feel good about herself, and enjoy the best lifestyle the world can offer. She is a frequent traveler and is always in the search of the latest fashion products and accessories from well-known brands from around the world.
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