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Swimwear with Removable Padding

Want to add some shaping and a bit of a boost for your bust? Browse Elite Fashion Swimwear’s stellar selection of padded swimsuits and bikinis! Padded swimwear enhances busts of every size, amping up an A-cup and providing support and shape for larger chests. Padding also adds a layer of protection from show-through, letting you soak up the relaxing rays of the summer sun, or splash about in the water without worry. Nobody wants to spend their time in the sand or poolside keeping cover with their arms across their chest. Padded swimwear helps you keep it appropriately modest while looking marvelous. And for times you want to skip the padding, most styles feature removable inserts. What more can a girl ask for?

Our selection of designer padded swimsuits includes an awesome array of styles from SABZ Luxury Swimwear, Rebecca Swimwear, Jolidon Swimwear, L Space Swimwear and more. From sailor-inspired selections to crisp, classic solids, we’ve got your taste and shape covered. Go all-out in animal print bikinis, keep it crisp and classic in white swimwear, or let the sunniest, most saturated shades lend the powerful pop of juicy color you crave. With padded swimwear on your side, you simply can’t go wrong!