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Retro Style Swimsuits - Fashion Trend

Posted by Laura on 4/1/2015 to Tips and Advice
If you’ve opened up a fashion magazine or looked at a catwalk recently, it’s easy to see that retro fashion and style is all the rage right now. Women everywhere are recreating old styles and updating them for today’s world. That’s where our retro style swimsuits come into play. We have a wide selection of retro style swimsuits to choose from—and you can build your retro summertime look around these classic pieces. Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the retro pool or you’re looking for something new, you want to make sure that you’re tying the entire look together the right way. Here are some of our favorite style tips to go along with the perfect retro style swimsuits.

Retro accessories

There’s a wide variety of things that you can add to create the perfect look around your retro style swimsuits, and it all starts with accessories. Big sunglasses are a staple for anyone looking to create a retro style. Oversized sunglasses are truly the perfect match for your retro style swimsuits. They’re trendy, but they still have an old school vibe. Pearl necklaces and beaded jewelry also look great with retro style swimsuits. If you’re planning on hitting the boardwalk, this can help you create the best look.

Retro hair

 Having the right hairstyle can give you an awesome retro look, too. If you’re going for a 1940s or 1950s style, then victory rolls are always an excellent option. Our retro style swimsuits perfectly complement this great vintage hairstyle. You could also go a little more current with big curly hair like the 1960s. It’s always fun to put it in pigtails for a cute look, too! Retro style swimsuits can help bring your look to life. Retro makeup When it comes to vintage style at the beach, there’s really only one thing you need to know. Red lipstick goes a long way. It’s classic, chic, and the perfect way to match your retro style swimsuits. Choose the perfect retro style swimsuits for your personal preferences right here at Elite Fashion Swimwear for your vintage look this summer!

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