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Triangle Bikinis

Triangle Bikini Tops - Classic Swim Tops

Shop timeless triangle bikini tops and highlight your curves. You're not limited to basic triangle bikini tops: shop padded, push up and underwire triangle tops to give you the best lift and support. Triangle bikinis have been a beach mainstay for decades and you can flaunt your sexy style with a Jolidon bikini or a L Space sliding triangle bikini! More than the simple designs and block colors of the past, these collections are really something to get excited about. Jolidon bikini options include animal prints, black and white tops, and ruffle accents to flatter any frame. If you prefer to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd, L Space has fringe tops and robust patterns that are sure to keep the attention on you! Triangle bikinis are a look best reserved for the most daring among us, so if you’re ready to turn heads, check out the Savannah Fun sliding triangle bikini with string-side bottoms and sexy animal print or the Pink Goddess from Rebecca Swimwear, for subtle flirty fun. Elite Fashion Swimwear has something for everyone! Shop with us for the most revealing triangle bikinis or sophisticated monokinis—we have a look to suit your signature style.
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Magic Sky Top
$62.00  $43.40
Jazz Club Padded Fringe Top
Average Rating(1)
$98.00  $68.60
Jazz Club Tri Bra
Average Rating(1)
$98.00  $68.60
Black Fringe Bikini Top
Average Rating(1)
$98.00  $68.60
Jaime Bikini Top
Average Rating(2)
Moroccan Jaime Bikini Top
Average Rating(1)
Audrey Fringe EXCLUSIVE Seafoam
Average Rating(1)
$73.00  $51.10
Audrey Fringe Lavender
$73.00  $51.10
Audrey Fringe Halter Blue Iris
$73.00  $51.10
Audrey Fringe Halter Citrus
$73.00  $51.10
Serpentine Monaco Triangle
$84.00  $58.80
Audrey Fringe Halter Serpentine
$75.00  $52.50
Roses Pearls Bikini Top
$77.00  $53.90
Audrey Fringe Halter Black
$73.00  $51.10
Fabulous Top
$70.00  $21.00
Audrey Fringe Halter Viridian Skin
$84.00  $58.80
Audrey Fringe Paprika
$73.00  $51.10
Le Boa Patchwork Triangle Top
$88.00  $26.40
Periwinkle Audrey Straight Fringe Top
$73.00  $21.90
Aliza Halter Top Berry
$105.00  $73.50
Le Chic Coral Triangle Top
$62.00  $43.40
Le Chic Triangle Sahara
$77.00  $53.90
Audrey Fringe Sahara Halter
$88.00  $61.60
Aliza Halter
$110.00  $33.00
Kabuki Bikini Top
$89.00  $62.30
Triangle White Top
Average Rating(1)
$66.00  $46.20
San Sebastian Triangle Top
Average Rating(1)
$72.00  $50.40
Popland Top
$64.00  $44.80
Snake Top
$60.00  $42.00
Starlight Top
$66.00  $46.20
Monaco Triangle
$60.00  $15.00
La Perla Triangle Top
$95.00  $66.50
Shell Push Up Triangle Top
$89.00  $26.70
Blue Haze Halter
$56.00  $39.20
Cat Cay Braided Triangle
$72.00  $50.40
Treasure Top
$90.00  $63.00
Energy Triangle Top
$93.00  $65.10
Caracoli Triangle Top
$72.00  $50.40
Paradise Birds Triangle
$93.00  $65.10
Riviera Blue Padded Top
$59.00  $41.30
Brooklyn Decker Bikini Top
$114.00  $34.20
Fresh Mist Swimsuit Top
$115.00  $46.00
Red Braided Fantasy Bikini Top
$116.00  $46.40